Back To Boneless!

In order to truly live a boneless lifestyle, one must saddle the mountain, and de-bone 3 kringle berries to achieve enlightenment ☝🏽 Enlightenment is what you make it. Stay positive. Advertisements

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Have you ever felt lonely?

Have you ever felt lonely? Yeah, me too. It’s weird because there are 7 billion other people on this planet and sometimes I feel I can’t relate to a single one. But that’s not true, because out of all those other people I could’ve been dealt, I was gifted with you! 😊  – Tag a […]

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Morning Dew

Morning dew, How are you? Morning dew, moist and new, You kiss the grass beneath my feet, and aromatize the morning-air I breathe. You wonder, “why am I so calm and cool”? At 6 a.m. ? Well I say “Don’t you see the morning dew, my friend🙂” 

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This is literally the only time, ever, in history that this stupid little spork fits the situation perfectly 😩😩

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